HCM Environmental Policy

Protection of environment is important to Honda of Canada Mfg. Our Environmental Policy serves as an important guide for the way we do business.

Environmental Policy

Demonstrating a commitment to future generations, HCM will meet or exceed all environmental regulations.

Elements of our Guiding Principles

We will fulfill the mandate expressed by our Environmental Policy through the following actions:

  • Encouraging all Associates, as members of both Honda and society, to focus on the importance of preserving human health and the environment, and to do their part to help the Honda fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Having management members demonstrate that environmental protection is a high priority by setting goals and establishing procedures which are protective of people, property and the environment and by auditing all operations to ensure compliance.
  • Providing training for all Associates in order to familiarize them with Honda's Environmental Policy and help them recognize how their job function may impact the environment.
  • Conserving energy and reducing, reusing and recycling materials and natural resources.
  • Implementing new materials, methods and equipment that will minimize process emissions.
  • Striving to achieve, by means of continual improvement, environmental levels of performance governed not only by legislated requirements, but also taking into account the expectations of our community and customers.
  • Working cooperatively with governments and non-government organizations, in developing effective standards, regulations and programs concerning the environment.
  • Encouraging suppliers to protect and preserve the environment.

HCM’s environmental initiatives

ISO 14001

HCM was one of the first auto assembly plants in North America to acquire ISO 14001 certification, a worldwide standard for environmental management. Under ISO 14001, companies are expected to demonstrate continuous improvement. HCM monitors the program to ensure current activities conform to the ISO standard. Regular audits of our environmental practices by an external agency ensure we retain our certification. HCM currently recycles 99% of its production waste, and is working to achieve 100% recycling, which would make it Honda's first facility in North America to achieve this.

Waste Reduction Efforts

HCM manages its operations to reduce its waste generation, and has undertaken many activities under each of the 3R's: reduction, reuse, and recycling. Our efforts were recognized by the Recycling Council of Ontario, who presented HCM with both a Platinum Award and the "Outstanding Business" award at their April, 1999 awards ceremony. As well, HCM was recognized at the Voluntary Challenge and Registry awards ceremony in March, 2002, as "Best New Submission", along with receiving a "Gold Champion Level Reporter" status.

Local involvement

Each year, HCM Associates and their families volunteer to participate in a tree planting activity in conjunction with other community groups. In the last five years, Honda Associates and their familes have planted over 72,000 trees and shrubs and participated in an annual cleanup of debris from the stream in Alliston, Ontario. HCM has been recognized by the Town of New Tecumseth with a Certificate of Appreciation as well as officially commended by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority for their work on Spring Creek.

HCM energy conservation projects

HCM supports the North American Honda objective of lowering CO2 emissions from its manufacturing operations. We do this by setting annual targets to reduce energy consumption in our facility. As of the end of 2012, we are on track to achieve our 2020 target.

Non-production time reduction

During non-production hours, all departments have systems in place to match equipment or lighting required to the activity planned. The goal is to be a "silent factory" when we are not building vehicles.

Process optimization

HCM continuously analyses process conditions and identifies inefficiencies. HCM has been recognized by Enbridge Gas for several equipment innovations that have conserved natural gas.


As equipment is upgraded, it is replaced with more efficient versions. For example, a new robotic line in the welding department uses less electricity and compressed air than the original line. We have also replaced high bay lighting with newer technology and upgraded many motors.

Daily Activity

Many Associates have contributed energy reduction ideas through our quality circle and suggestion programs. All Associates participate in our efforts through everyday activity such as ensuring exterior doors are closed, turning off switched equipment at the end of a shift, or turning off lights when leaving a meeting room.

Complying with Reporting Regulations.

As an ISO 14001 certified company, HCM has a system in place to monitor federal, provincial and municipal government reporting requirements. HCM has been reporting to the federal National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) since its inception. This is a public database available through the Environment Canada NPRI website. Starting with the 2010 reporting year, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment has added some further public disclosure requirements (O. Reg. 455/09). One requirement of this regulation is to post accounting information for selected substances on the internet. To view this information for the current reporting year click here.

Effective in 2012, facilities who meet the reporting criteria must explore options for reducing the use or creation of the listed substances and prepare a "Toxics Reduction Plan". A summary of the plan must be posted on the internet. Accordingly, we have posted a link to HCM's Plan Summary and Certification below. It is important to note that HCM recognizes total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as a significant environmental aspect and sets goals to reduce or control emissions of these substances through a variety of investment and other activities; therefore, although we do not have specific activities in place for some of the substances listed in the Plan, we still are working toward reduction through our overall VOC reduction efforts. To view the summary report for the current reporting year, click here.

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  • 7Map Database of the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System covers major metropolitan areas in Canada and the 48 contiguous U.S. states. For a list of current detailed coverage areas, refer to the Honda web site, www.honda.ca.
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  • 23The 2014 Honda Ridgeline Special Edition trim will be available in late 2013.
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  • 30Where a vehicle has a built-in Honda navigation system, this service may provide only a limited number of additional features. Requires one-time download of HondaLinkTM Navigation application (CAD$59.99 plus applicable taxes). Price is subject to change.