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Image of Accord Hybrid front end Image of Accord Hybrid front end
Accord Hybrid
MSRP Starting From

Value does not include freight, PDI, applicable taxes, license, registration, levies and fees. For province-specific pricing, please refer to Build & Price.

Image of Accord Hybrid driving down street.
Meet your sporty side.
Image of Accord Hybrid aggressive stance.
Don’t be road blind.
Image of speedometer.
Go more. Stop less.
Image of the front of the Hybrid.
Be good. Look good.
Image of Accord Hybrid unique badge.
Three modes. One thrill.

While you’re on the move, your Accord Hybrid will switch between three driving modes: EV drive, Engine drive and Hybrid drive to help with efficiency. EV drive takes power from the lithium-ion battery, while Engine drive pulls from the 2.0-litre engine. In Hybrid drive, it’ll combine the two modes.

Image of Accord Hybrid Earth Dreams engine.
Electronic-Continuously Variable Transmission.

The Accord Hybrid uses our unique Electronic-Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) system to manage interactions between the two electric motors and the gasoline engine by drawing from the fuel tank only when needed.

Image of Accord Hybrid Econ™ button.
Go more, stop less.

Working together as one, the Eco Assist™ System and ECON™ button help nurse your fuel. The green and white bars on your speedometer are designed to track how efficiently you’re driving. The more you keep the bars green, the farther you’ll go on a tank.

Image of Accord Hybrid sport mode button.
Meet your sporty side.

When sport mode is activated, your Accord Hybrid will summon more power without any hesitation. It finds a sweet spot in your engine’s RPM to deliver a more exhilarating drive, every time.

Image of Accord Hybrid rear shot.
A clean brake.

Teamed up with the motor generator, regenerative braking helps replenish your battery every time you hit the brakes.

Trim Highlights