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2017 Civic Coupe2017 Civic Coupe
Civic Coupe
MSRP Starting From

Value does not include freight, PDI, applicable taxes, license, registration, levies and fees. For province-specific pricing, please refer to Build & Price.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe rear exterior
Half the doors, twice the fun.
Image of 2017 Civic Coupe interior
Two doors. One of a kind.
Image of 2017 Civic Coupe Apple CarPlay™
The left lane feels so right.
Image of 2017 Civic Coupe interior paddle shifters
What’s bold and beautiful and red all over?
Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI Exterior Styling
Exterior styling.

The Civic Si has the looks to match its fierce personality. With a bold black front grille in the front, and a rear wing spoiler on the back, it makes a serious statement – on both the highway and the driveway.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI wheels
18” aluminum-alloy wheels.

A sporty body needs athletic shoes. The Civic Si races ahead with 18” aluminum-alloy wheels, made to perform on any track thrown its way.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI Rear wing spoiler
Rear wing spoiler.

It may not achieve flight, but it still sprouts a wing. The rear-wing spoiler generates a down force to keep the Civic Si grounded for high speed stability, enhanced handling and control. A perk for you, a treat for admirers.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe exterior Center exhaust finisher
Centre exhaust finisher.

These pipes don’t just sing. Some say they roar. Located beneath the rear bumper is a centre exhaust finisher, creating a perfect outlet for all that driving passion.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe interior Sport Si front seats
Sport Si front seats.

It was bred with red. The Civic Si seats are detailed with aggressive red stitching, giving them the distinctive looks to match the bold Si badge.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe interior
Aluminum shift knob.

Manual transmission is the beating heart of the Si lineup, and the leather shift boot with aluminum shift knob lets you squeeze every ounce of performance out of the 6-speed transmission.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI
Yeah. It’s turbocharged.

The Civic Si charges ahead with a 1.5-litre, 16-valve, direct-injected 4-cylinder engine under the hood. It even has a few upgrades to boast about. This model pumps out 205 hp, delivering 192 lb.-ft. of torque * – a 10% torque boost over the previous model.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI 6-speed manual transmission.
6-speed manual transmission.

The best way to experience sport is hands-on. The Civic Si comes exclusively with a short throw 6-speed manual transmission, delivering clutch control inside a very clutch drive.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI
Helical limited slip differential.

Corners are yours for the taking. The Civic Si is equipped with a helical limited-slip differential, ensuring power is transferred equally to both front wheels if one slips. This helps deliver exceptional control through every turn.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI
Sport mode button.

If driving is a sport, this is how you play. Engage the sport mode button to adjust the steering wheel response rate and damper settings. This helps create a dynamic handling experience you need to feel to believe.

Image of 2017 Civic Coupe SI Adaptive Damper System
Adaptive Damper System (ADS)

A drive that suits your style. Use the ADS system to adjust the damping force for true driving comfort. In Sport mode, ADS tunes the suspension to deliver precision around every turn. And in Normal mode, it provides a softer ride damping for a more seamless drive.

Trim Highlights

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