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2018 Civic Si exterior2018 Civic Si exterior
Civic Sedan
MSRP Starting From

Value does not include freight, PDI, applicable taxes, license, registration, levies and fees. For province-specific pricing, please refer to Build & Price.


Limited 2018 models available. See your dealer to pre-order a 2019!

Due to strong demand, the 2018 models are nearly sold out. Incoming 2019 models are available to pre-order at your local Honda dealer!

Sold out!

Our 2018 model is no longer available. Speak with your local Honda dealer to get the latest information about how to pre-order the 2019 model.

2018 Civic SE rear exterior
Two storied decades. One timeless drive. Introducing the Civic SE.
2018 Civic leather front seats
Leather seats so you can stand out.
2018 Civic Exterior
Sits pretty. Drives beautifully.
2018 Civic dashboard
The definition of inner beauty.
2018 Civic Coupe Si side profile
Bold gets even bolder.

The legendary Civic Si HFP (Honda Factory Performance) elevates the Civic to the next level of sporty performance. Tracks beware.

2018 Civic Sedan Si HFP
HFP Sport Suspension.

The HFP drives as athletic as it looks. Using a sport suspension with Adaptive Damper System, the HFP is equal parts comfortable and precise.

2018 Civic Sedan Si HFP 19” Black Alloy Wheels
HFP 19” Matte Black Alloy Wheels.

These shoes were made for dominating. The HFP 19” Matte Black Alloy Wheels paired with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires are worthy of any road or track for that matter.

2018 Civic Sedan Si HFP front grille
Front Lip Spoiler.

It takes an aggressive stance on performance. The Front Lip Spoiler brings added fierceness to the HFP.

2018 Civic Sedan Si HFP side profile
Side Skirts.

The HFP features side skirts designed to improve downforce on every drive. They marry sporty looks with even sportier handling.

2018 Civic Sedan Si HFP interior
HFP Floor Mats.

Step into performance. Literally. The HFP has bold floor mats to match its bold style.

Trim Highlights

The powerful 2018 Civic Type R is here.