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2018 Honda Clarity driving through forest2018 Honda Clarity driving through forest
Clarity Plug-in Hybrid

2018 Clarityr
A clearer future is here.
2018 Clarity
Your own spacious cabin retreat.
2018 Clarity
A higher standard of safety with standard Honda Sensing™ Technologies.
2018 Honda Clarity 18" alloy wheels
18" Hybrid Aerodynamic aluminum-alloy wheels.

Specially designed 18" Hybrid Aerodynamic aluminum-alloy wheels featuring an aerodynamic design help to optimize performance and brake cooling.

2018 Honda Clarity side profile
Aerodynamic body.

The Clarity’s low, wide aerodynamic body helps to increase fuel efficiency, while unique design elements bring additional style.

2018 Honda Clarity LED headlights
LED lighting.

With full LED headlights the Clarity is designed to offer clear vision on the road.

2018 Honda Clarity LED taillights
LED taillights.

LED taillights in the rear enhance both the aesthetics and visibility of the Clarity.

Trim Highlights