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2020 Honda Clarity driving2020 Honda Clarity driving
Clarity Plug-in Hybrid

2020 Honda Clarity rear
A clearer future is here.
2020 Honda Clarity backseat
Your own spacious cabin retreat.
2020 Honda Clarity driving
A higher standard of safety with standard Honda Sensing™ Technologies.
2020 Honda Clarity electic motor explanation
Electric (EV) mode.

At low speeds or when stopped, the Clarity relies only on the electric motor for power.

2020 Honda Clarity hybrid mode explanation
Hybrid (HV).

Motive power comes from the electric traction motor. The coupled gasoline engine and generator motor produce electricity, which is sent directly to the traction motor or to the battery pack, depending on the driving situation.

2020 Honda Clarity engine explanation
Engine (Direct Drive).

In higher-speed, low-load conditions, only the gasoline engine provides propulsion while the electric motor begins to recharge the High Voltage battery through regenerative braking.

Trim Highlights