Honda Canada Milestones

Since coming to Canada in 1969, Honda has had tremendous growth across the country and become a valuable part of the comunity. Discover some of the most notable milestones in our Canadian history.


  • Odyssey wins AJAC "Truck of the Year", Acura TL wins AJAC "Car of the Year".
  • Exports of Canadian-built Odysseys begin, including shipments to Japan.
  • In May, Honda of Canada Mfg. receives the "Outstanding Business" award from the Recycling Council of Ontario for its waste minimization efforts.
  • Plant 2 expansion to include a new sport utility vehicle (Acura MDX and Honda Pilot) for North American markets.


  • A second Honda Canada facility is opened in Alliston, Ontario to produce Honda's first full-size minivan, the Odyssey.
  • Throughout the year, more than 250,000 customers purchase a Honda product (motorcycle, auto, ATV, marine engine or power equipment).
  • In September, Honda of Canada Mfg. receives certification in ISO 14001, an international environmental standard.
  • On September 30th, Honda Canada Plant 2 is officially opened, building the Odyssey minivan for North America and a special model "LaGreat" for export to Japan.


  • In June, Honda Canada produces its one millionth vehicle.


  • On June 25th, Honda of Canada Mfg. is awarded a J.D. Power "Silver Plant Quality Award", issued based on the results of owners' Initial Quality Study.
  • Acura EL production begins for the Canadian market.


  • In April, Honda Canada becomes one of the first automobile manufacturers in North America to receive ISO 9002 certification, an internationally recognized quality standard.


  • Exports of Civics begins, including shipments to Brazil and Taiwan.


  • Honda Canada production reaches the 500,000th vehicle.


  • Civic Coupe added to production.


  • New zone office complex opened in Quebec to serve that province, including advanced technical training center and warehouse.
  • 1-millionth Honda vehicle sold in Canada.


  • Honda sells more than 100,000 cars in Canada during the year, the first of the "new" manufacturers to do so.