Working Together

Are you looking for a unique and challenging work environment?
If so, HCM could be the place for you.

All of Honda's employees are called "Associates". Regardless of position in the organization, you will wear a white uniform personalized with your first name. Although the uniforms are identical, the individual names symbolize HCM's respect for the contributions of each Associate. There are a number of systems, including quality circles, a suggestion program, and two-way communication meetings, designed to give you an opportunity to provide input on the business and daily activities.

You'll share the same goal as all other Associates at HCM: achieving customer satisfaction by producing products that meet or exceed customers' expectations at a reasonable price.

Teamwork, consensus building, and personal initiative are all emphasized. Communication platforms, including morning meetings, an open-concept office, a closed circuit TV system in the cafeteria, and a company newsletter, will help you keep informed.

We'll encourage you to accept challenges, take initiative, put forward your ideas, and take responsibility for successful achievement of your plans and projects.