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2018 Honda Pilot parked in forest2018 Honda Pilot parked in forest
MSRP Starting From

Value does not include freight, PDI, applicable taxes, license, registration, levies and fees. For province-specific pricing, please refer to Build & Price.


Limited 2019 models available. See your dealer to pre-order a 2020!

Due to strong demand, the 2019 models are nearly sold out. Incoming 2020 models are available to pre-order at your local Honda dealer!

Sold out!

Our 2019 model is no longer available. Speak with your local Honda dealer to get the latest information about how to pre-order the 2020 model.

2018 Honda Pilot driving down road
Utility never looked so good.
2018 Honda Pilot Apple CarPlay
The brains behind the brawn.
2018 Honda Pilot parked in front of house
Go ahead. Stretch out.
2018 Honda Pilot interior cargo space
Embrace your dark side.
Image of 2018 Honda Accord HondaLink™ Suscription  Services
HondaLink™ Subscription Services*.

The available HondaLink™ Subscription Service helps connect you to a world of features both inside and outside of your vehicle, adding convenience and security to your ownership experience.

For more information please visit:

Image of 2018 Honda Accord Remote engine start
Geofence Alert

Geofence is a feature allowing users to be notified if their vehicle moves into or leaves a user-designated geographical boundary.

Image of 2018 Honda Accord Geofence Alert
Find My Car

Easily helps you pinpoint your car’s exact location from almost anywhere.

Image of 2018 Honda Accord Find my Car app.
Auto Collision Notification (ACN)

In the event of an accident, a Response Agent automatically checks-in, and helps send emergency care, even when passengers aren’t able to respond.

Image of 2018 Honda Accord Auto Collision Notification icon
Stolen Vehicle Locator Service

The Stolen Vehicle Locator uses sophisticated technology to assist the authorities with attempting to find your vehicle.

Image of 2018 Honda Accord Stolen Vehicle Locator icon
Remote Lock/Unlock

Users can remotely lock or unlock the car doors using the app. Whether you’re locked out or forgot to lock up, count on quick, keyless entry and remote assurance from almost anywhere.

Image of 2018 Honda Accord remote door lock/unlock icon
Send Destination*

Search and send a location from your app to your vehicle's navigation system.

Trim Highlights