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Image of 2017 Ridgeline backendImage of 2017 Ridgeline backend
MSRP Starting From

Value does not include freight, PDI, applicable taxes, license, registration, levies and fees. For province-specific pricing, please refer to Build & Price.

Image of shot of 2017 Ridgeline being loaded
Party in the back.
Image of shot of 2017 Ridgeline lockable trunk bed.
Configures for you to reconfigure.
Image of 2017 Ridgeline rear seats lifted up
Lose the seat. Not the stuff.
Image of 2017 Ridgeline driving off road
Out of sight, not out of mind.
Image of 2017 Ridgeline truck-bed audio system
Party in the back.

The Ridgeline is always down for a good time. Whether you’re outside camping, hanging out with friends at a BBQ, or washing it down after an adventurous weekend, the available 540-watt Truck-Bed Audio System™ plays your music loud. Forget about bringing a portable stereo. The Ridgeline already brings the beats.

Image of 2017 Ridgeline Display Audio System
Where the bells meet the whistles.

The 8’’ Display Audio System* with Apple CarPlay™* and Android Auto™* makes every ride a joyride. Just pick a playlist, turn up the volume and enjoy the trip. Plus, if you want to keep in touch, you’ll be able to connect to friends and family on the go.

Image of 2017 Ridgeline In-bed Power Inverter
Power under the hood, and in the back.

The Ridgeline can give you added power. Whether it’s power tools, a bug zapper or even a flat screen, the available in-bed power inverter helps keep you juiced.

Image of 2017 Ridgeline Blindspot Information System
Out of sight, not out of mind.

Keep more of your right side in sight with the available Honda LaneWatch™ blind spot display*. It sends a live video feed from a camera mounted under your passenger side mirror to the Display Audio System* screen, revealing nearly four times more visibility than just the mirror alone.

Image of 2017 Ridgeline 7” TFT centre meter
Get the lowdown.

When you press its buttons, it’ll share its feelings. The 7” colour TFT centre meter display houses audio information and important vehicle information like engine oil life, trip range, and warning messages.

Image of 2017 Ridgeline interior
Knows your next move before you make it.

Get used to not getting lost. The available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™*, teamed up with the Display Audio System*, provides turn-by-turn directions to virtually wherever you’re going. Isn’t it nice to ask for directions without asking for directions?

Trim Highlights