How It Works

HandsFreeLink is a smarter way to use your phone in your car. You'll never have to hold your mobile phone again while you're behind the wheel.

HandsFreeLink uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer incoming call information to the display (if equipped) where you can see the call details. The voice command system uses your voice commands to dial phone numbers, names stored in the HandsFreeLink system, and will even direct-dial locations that are stored in your navigation system. All of which provides you with a safer and more convenient drive.

  • Steering Wheel Controls
    Steering Wheel Controls

    Use your steering wheel controls to activate HandsFreeLink.

  • Display (if equipped)
    Display (if equipped)

    View the display (if equipped) to see call details, such as caller ID, signal strength, battery level and, if you are in a roaming area, for your cellular provider. (Note: some phones do not transmit this information.)

  • Transfer calls between your phone and HandsFreeLink.
    Transfer calls between your phone and HandsFreeLink.

    Plus, you can transfer a call from HandsFreeLink to the phone (and vice versa) simply be pressing the TALK button and saying "Transfer."