Honda Canada Inc. and Honda Canada Finance Inc. Compliance and Ethics
Integrity and reputation for ethical practices are among Honda’s core values and are considered essential in gaining the trust of all of our business partners. As part of our continuous commitment to promoting integrity and ethical practice, we have created a North American Compliance and Ethics Policy. The purpose of this policy is to outline and uphold Honda’s commitment to conducting business with the highest standards of ethical conduct and in compliance with applicable laws and Honda policies.

In addition, we have established a compliance and ethics line to allow our business partners to voice concerns and/or ask questions with regard to ethical or compliance issues concerning Honda’s business practices. The compliance and ethics line is confidential and concerns and questions can always be submitted on an anonymous basis.

North American Compliance & Ethics Contact Information

To Our Business Partners
Honda Canada Inc. (CH)

Honda Canada Finance Inc. (HFS)

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Corporate Compliance & Ethics Office: Canada: 1-866-508-3288
North American Region Corporate Compliance & Ethics Office at 1-855-462-2236
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HM) Compliance & Ethics E-mail at