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This Privacy Policy applies when you complete a transaction in Canada for Honda or Acura branded vehicles, products or services, or you interact with Honda Canada online or in person. Honda Canada has appointed a Privacy Officer who is in charge of the protection of personal information and overseeing Honda Canada's compliance with this Privacy Policy. Click Contacting us for details on how to contact the Privacy Officer, the role of Honda Canada's Privacy Officer and details about Honda Canada's governance policies and practices regarding personal information.

Each Honda or Acura dealer is a separate legal entity, independent from Honda Canada. Please see your dealer's privacy policy for information on how your dealer handles your personal information.

This Privacy Policy describes how Honda Canada collects, uses, and discloses personal information, your choices and how you can exercise certain rights.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 9th, 2024. This Privacy Policy is subject to change. Please check back for revisions or amendments. This Privacy Policy is comprised of the Honda Canada Privacy Statement, the Honda Canada Privacy Notice, and the Honda Vehicle Data Privacy Notice.

Before reading this Privacy Policy, please become familiar with the following terms:


means the Honda family of companies, including Honda Canada Inc., Honda Canada Finance Inc. and any related companies in the global Honda family of companies.

Honda Canada, our, we, us

means Honda Canada Inc. and Honda Canada Finance Inc.

Honda Canada Inc.

is a manufacturer and distributor of Honda and Acura branded vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, power equipment, and other products, accessories, parts and service products.

Honda Canada Finance Inc.

provides vehicle and product financing and related financial products and services.


means the independent dealers who sell and service Honda and Acura branded vehicles, products and services. Dealers have their own privacy policies.

service providers

means companies that provide services to Honda or that Honda engages to provide services to you. These companies may be part of the Honda family of companies or third parties who act on Honda's behalf or who provide services to Honda.

independent service providers

means third parties who provide services directly to you under their own terms of service and privacy policies. Independent service providers may provide services to you through a Honda product, but Honda is not responsible for these services. An example of an independent service provider is a satellite radio provider.

Honda Canada Privacy Statement

means the statement set out below that you agree to when you apply for a lease or loan, enter into a purchase or lease transaction, contact Honda, or use Honda products and services. The Honda Canada Privacy Statement may be updated by Honda Canada from time to time.

Vehicle Data Privacy Notice

forms part of this Privacy Policy and applies to Honda products and services that enable you to access and use a variety of connected, wireless, or internet-based functions and services, either directly in the vehicle or through a smart device or a smart software application.

Honda Canada Privacy Statement

I understand that when I apply for a lease or loan, enter into a purchase or lease transaction, contact Honda, or use Honda products and services, that Honda Canada Inc., Honda Canada Finance Inc., and their affiliates, dealers and service providers will collect, maintain, use, disclose, combine and otherwise process my personal information and may share this information between themselves for purposes that may include (if applicable to me): (i) providing products and services, including website and mobile app content, that I access or use; (ii) processing credit applications, including verifying information and evaluating credit worthiness; (iii) entering into and performing purchase, finance or lease transactions, including lien and title registrations and insurance related activities; (iv) registering me for ancillary products or services that are delivered with a vehicle or product I purchase; (v) contract management and administration, including responding to customer inquiries, ongoing evaluation of credit worthiness, debt collection and vehicle recovery, and maintaining records for legal and accounting purposes; (vi) maintaining warranty and customer service records and conducting recall campaigns; (vii) fraud detection and prevention; (viii) performing business analytics and developing machine learning decision making processes; (ix) conducting market research and customer service campaigns; (x) providing me with marketing information; (xi) other applicable purposes described in the Honda Privacy Notice located at; and (xii) other purposes required or permitted by law. In some cases, such as credit checks, third parties will learn that I have applied for or been approved for credit, and I understand that this may affect my credit with those third parties. If I apply for credit, I understand that I may be approved or declined for credit by the automated processing of my application using the information I provided and the results of credit checks and identity verification. I can contact Honda to withdraw consent, access or correct my personal information, or ask a question or make a complaint. Visit for details and contact information. Except for a withdrawal of consent to the uses in sections (viii) and (ix) above, I understand that Honda may be entitled to terminate the products and services provided to me if I withdraw consent to the uses in this Privacy Statement. In some cases, personal information may be disclosed, processed and stored outside Canada, and therefore may be available to government authorities under lawful orders and laws applicable in those regions.

Honda Canada Privacy Notice

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