About this Vehicle Data Privacy Policy

This Vehicle Data Privacy Policy applies when you use a Honda or Acura branded vehicle distributed in Canada that is equipped with connected vehicle services. This Vehicle Data Privacy Policy forms part of the Honda Canada Privacy Policy. This Vehicle Data Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection, use, retention or disclosure of vehicle data that you have chosen or choose to share with third-party service providers that you authorize to provide you with services, such as Google (Google Automotive Services, Android Auto), Apple (CarPlay), and other independent service providers.

Your vehicle may be equipped with technology that enables you to access and use a variety of connected, wireless, or internet-based functions and services. Depending on the functions or services, these may be accessed directly through the vehicle or through a mobile phone or smart device software application that you connect / pair with the vehicle. This Vehicle Data Privacy Policy describes how Honda collects, uses, and discloses vehicle data collected from the vehicles equipped with these functions and services, your choices, and how you can exercise certain rights.

This Vehicle Data Privacy Policy was last updated on May 9th, 2024 and is subject to change. Please check back for revisions or amendments. This Vehicle Data Privacy Policy includes the Honda Canada Vehicle Data Privacy Notice, the Event Recorder Notice, and the HondaLink/AcuraLink Assist Collision Notice.

Before reading this Privacy Policy, please become familiar with the following terms:


means the Honda family of companies, including Honda Canada Inc., Honda Canada Finance Inc. and any related companies in the global Honda family of companies.

Honda Canada, our, we, us

means Honda Canada Inc. and Honda Canada Finance Inc.

Honda Canada Inc.

is a manufacturer and distributor of Honda and Acura branded vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, power equipment, and other products, accessories, parts and service products in Canada.

Honda Canada Finance Inc.

provides vehicle financing and related financial products and services.

Connected vehicle

are technologies that are included in your vehicle that enable the collection of data from vehicle sensors and computer systems and transmit that data over the internet or store the data for access through specialized equipment.

Connected vehicle

are services provided to you by Honda, Honda’s service providers or independent service providers you engage that use data collected through connected vehicle technologies. Connected vehicle services may be offered on a subscription basis or a complementary basis.


means the independent dealers who sell and service Honda and Acura branded vehicles, products and services. Dealers have their own privacy policies.

Service providers

means companies that provide services to Honda or that Honda engages to provide services to you. These companies may be part of the Honda family of companies or independent third parties who act on Honda’s behalf. An example of an independent third-party service provider is a data and business analytics provider that helps us collect, analyze, and improve the accuracy of our data.

Independent service

means third parties who provide services directly to you under their own terms of service and privacy policies. Independent Service Providers may provide services to you through a Honda vehicle, but Honda is not responsible for these services. An example of an Independent Service Provider is a satellite radio provider.

Honda Canada
Privacy Policy

describes how Honda collects, uses and discloses your personal information. This Honda Canada Vehicle Data Privacy Policy forms part of the Honda Canada Privacy Policy.

Honda Canada Vehicle Data Privacy Notice

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Event Recorder Notice

Your vehicle may be equipped with an event data recorder – also referred to as an EDR. The main purpose of an EDR is to record data that may assist in understanding how a vehicle’s systems performed in a crash or near crash-like situation. Please check your owner’s manual or ask your dealer whether your vehicle is equipped with an EDR.

An EDR may begin recording data in a crash or near crash-like situation such as an air bag deployment or hitting a road obstacle. The EDR is designed to record data related to vehicle dynamics and safety systems for a short period of time. This period of time is typically 30 seconds or less. The EDR will record data such as:

-        How various systems in the vehicle were operating
-        Whether or not the driver and passenger safety belts were buckled/fastened
-        How far (if at all) the driver was depressing the accelerator and/or brake pedal
-        How fast the vehicle was travelling.

Honda does not and cannot retrieve data from an EDR without physical access to the vehicle and only does so in a safety or performance investigation or if legally obligated to do so because of a court order or other legally enforceable demand. To read data recorded by an EDR, special equipment is required and access to the EDR is needed. Law enforcement can use special equipment to collect data from the EDR in an investigation.

HondaLink/AcuraLink Assist Collision Notice

Your vehicle may be connected to HondaLink Assist or AcuraLink Assist services. When Honda’s service provider receives a crash notification and/or request for assistance from your connected phone, it will first attempt to verify that you are requesting assistance. If you do not respond or if you confirm your request, Honda’s service provider will attempt to contact third-party responders to report the incident. If you use the HondaLink Assist or AcuraLink Assist services, your wireless carrier may disclose your personal information, including location information, to Honda’s service provider and its subcontractors and this information may also be shared with first responders.

Neither Honda nor its service provider can guarantee that a request for assistance will be successfully received by Honda’s service provider or that a report to first responders will be successful or that first responders will respond in a timely manner or at all.

If it is possible and safe to do so, contact emergency medical services directly using a telephone. Please consult the terms and conditions for HondaLink Assist or AcuraLink Assist for details on how these services work and system limitations.