Frequently Asked Questions

Section 3. Warranty Information

I experienced a problem within the warranty period, but did not have time to report it to my Honda dealership before the warranty expired. Can I still get my vehicle repaired under the terms of the warranty?

The warranty on your Honda is valid only for a finite and fixed period of time or distance. Even if a problem was experienced or reported within the warranty period, it is no longer covered under warranty once the warranty has expired. However, you may take your vehicle to your Honda dealership and ask them to review your situation. They may be able to provide some assistance, depending on the time and distance involved, the nature of the problem, etc.

I had a part replaced under the terms of the vehicle's warranty, just before the warranty expired. Does the warranty on that part start over again?

No. Any parts that are replaced within the Distributor's Warranty, Power Train Warranty, Emissions Warranty, etc. are covered only for the total time or distance provided by the respective original warranty, starting when the vehicle was first put into service.

Are parts and accessories priced the same at all Honda dealerships?

Not necessarily. Parts and accessories all have a "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price" (MSRP), that is suggested to the dealerships by Honda Canada. However, dealers may sell parts or accessories at retail prices that are established by the individual dealerships.

Why should I go to a Honda Dealer for an accident repair?

Your authorized Honda Dealer is the best choice for all your Honda needs. In the event of an accident, your Honda Dealer will use only genuine Honda parts for your vehicle. Furthermore, they have the technical knowledge and expertise to repair your vehicle. Genuine parts are the only parts manufactured to Honda’s exacting standards for fit, finish and corrosion protection. They are the only parts covered by our warranty.

Is there any warranty on tires with a New Honda?

The warranty for your tires on your New Honda is honored by the tire manufacturer.