Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy From a Canadian Honda Dealer?

Why Do Canadian-Specification Honda Cars and Trucks Make Good Sense for Canadian Consumers?

Honda Canada is committed to providing the best cars and trucks for all Canadians with Canadian-specific features and dedicated service to provide peace of mind throughout the entire ownership experience. All Honda vehicles are engineered and manufactured to provide the Honda Benefit of safe and fun motoring for Canadians. In addition, Canadian-specification Honda vehicles may also include safety and special climate-related features that are not available on vehicles built for sale in the United States and elsewhere.

Why Buy From a Canadian Honda Dealer?

The following are some of the benefits of buying or leasing a Canadian-specification Honda automobile or truck from a Canadian Honda dealer:

  • Financing and leasing options, not available for U.S.-specification Honda vehicles purchased in the U.S. for importation by Canadian residents

  • New or used vehicle Canadian warranty coverage, which does not cover new or used U.S.-specification vehicles purchased in the U.S. for importation into Canada

  • Available Honda Plus coverage for extended warranty, which is not available on new or used U.S.-specification Honda vehicles purchased in the U.S. for importation into Canada by Canadian residents

  • Availability of 24-hour Roadside Assistance on new Canadian-specification Honda cars and trucks

  • Timely availability of replacement parts for all Canadian-specification Honda cars and trucks; whereas replacement parts for U.S.-specification vehicles might not be available in Canada, possibly causing lengthy delays for servicing or repairs

  • New vehicle sales promotions and programs in Canada, including the Honda Grad program eligibility on select models

  • Canadian-specific climate-related parts, which may include such items as larger windshield washer fluid reservoirs, higher cold-cranking batteries, heated mirrors, heated rear seats, etc.

  • Canadian-specific safety items such as 8-kilometre bumpers and daytime running lights and security features such as an enhanced immobilization system to meet the new, stringent Canada-only immobilizer regulation (effective for all Canadian-market vehicles as of September 1, 2007). Some U.S. models may not be equipped with Canadian-specification immobilizer systems and are, therefore, not certified for sale in Canada; these vehicles are presently ineligible for importation under Canadian law.

  • Canadian-specification Honda vehicles that are equipped with a satellite navigation system incorporate fully French-Canadian voice guidance, mapping and controls.

  • Canadian-specification Honda vehicles are equipped with labeling that accommodates the metric system and bi-lingual labeling requirements.

  • Eligibility of government tax incentives, such as the federal ecoAuto rebate and provincial rebate programs for hybrid vehicles or other fuel-efficient vehicles.

(Note: Imported vehicles are not eligible for the ecoRebate program, and may not be eligible for provincial rebate programs.)