Stay connected with your vehicle, no matter where you are. Customized convenience, assist, service, and remote connectivity — it’s at your fingertips with the easy-to-use HondaLinkTM*1,2 app. Download today.

Download the HondaLinkTM*1,2 App today

Download the HondaLinkTM*1,2 App and get connected today!
To access and customize your infotainment, you need the free HondaLink app on your compatible smartphone:
1. Search for “HondaLink” in the Apple App store or in Google Play.
2. Or download the HondaLinkTM*1,2 App by clicking on the link and choosing your smartphone.

HondaLinkTM*1,2 Security, Remote, and Concierge packages are available only on the 2018 Odyssey Touring. A complimentary trial on a selected package is included on all 2018 Odyssey Touring: 3 years for Security, 90 days for Remote, or 90 days for Concierge.

To activate the free trial for HondaLinkTM*1,2, download the HondaLinkTM*1,2 app.


Auto Collision Notification (ACN)
In the event of an accident, a Response Agent
automatically checks-in, and helps send emergency
care, even when passengers aren’t able to respond.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance
Get live, responsive help with towing and repair
services at the touch of a button.

Emergency Call
In case of emergency, our trained agents are
ready to deliver priority care – assisting with
emergency services and staying on until help

Personal Data Wipe
Easily and remotely reset your navigation
system back to its factory state.


Remote Start
Enjoy getting into a comfortable car with
automatically adjusted climate control.

Security Alarm Alert
Receive real-time alerts the instant your
vehicle alarm is triggered.

Stolen Vehicle Locator Service
Recover your stolen vehicle faster. The system
uses sophisticated technology to assist the
authorities with finding your Honda.

Find My Car
Easily pinpoint your car’s exact location
from almost anywhere.

Remote Lock and Unlock
Whether you’re locked out or forgot to lock up,
count on quick, keyless entry and remote assurance
from almost anywhere.

Geofence Alert
Get notified when your car enters or
leaves a designated region.

Speed Alert
When the vehicle exceeds the speed limit you
specified, you will receive a notification.

Destination by Voice
Set a destination with your voice and get
directions downloaded to your vehicle.


Personal Concierge
Enjoy VIP treatment from a knowledgeable
specialist who’s in tune with what you need
for planning a last minute trip, booking hotel or
restaurant reservations, or finding special events
near you.

Available 2018 Odyssey Feature Sets

Pricing Chart

To purchase or extend a HondaLinkTM*1,2 subscription, simply call 1-855-508-2444. Please note that HondaLinkTM*1,2 subscription services are applicable only to the 2018 Odyssey Touring. Extensions on subscriptions will only be
available as of July 1, 2017.

Download Pricing Chart

1. Only compatible with certain devices and operating systems. Operation may be dependent upon: 1. connection to vehicle’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, or 2. GPS satellite signal reception and available cellular data and/or voice connection; associated charges (incl. data plans, roaming charges and/or other amounts charged by your wireless carrier) may apply.

2. Subscription to HondaLinkTM services is required. HondaLinkTM-equipped vehicles come with complimentary time-limited trial subscriptions; fees, taxes and other charges will apply in order to continue subscription services upon trial expiry. The availability of certain GPS satellite and/or cellular networks is required for HondaLinkTM to operate properly. Service interruptions may occur and/or vehicle system upgrades may be required if cellular network availability is compromised. Some restrictions may apply. For additional HondaLinkTM information, please visit hondalink and