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Turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi Hotspot!

You can connect up to 7 compatible devices with your vehicle’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Enjoy up to 4G LTE speeds on multiple devices. From the open road, you’ll be able to stream hours of videos, play games, get real-time email access and surf the web. You’ll be able to stay connected up to 50 feet away from your vehicle.

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How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot | AT&T Wireless

Note - only available on the following models:
• 2018-2019 Accord Touring
• 2018-2019 Accord Touring 2.0
• 2018-2019 Accord Hybrid Touring
• 2018-2019 Odyssey Touring
• 2019 Insight Hybrid Touring
• 2019 Pilot Black Edition
• 2019 Pilot Touring 8P
• 2019 Pilot Touring 7P
• 2019 Passport Touring