HondaLink Assist

New to Honda,

the HondaLink™ Assist5,11,12,28 Automatic Emergency Response system is designed to get you the help you need when you need it most. If an airbag deployment sensor is triggered, this new collision detection system is engineered to automatically use your compatible Bluetooth® -paired phone to notify an operator, report the car’s current location and allow you to speak directly to the operator. If you’re unable to speak, emergency services should be dispatched immediately. It works with any compatible Bluetooth®-paired phone, does not require a subscription and helps give you peace of mind while you’re on the road.

How To Get Started With HondaLink Assist

HondaLink Assist can be quickly enabled in your vehicle for extra peace of mind. Follow the steps below to get started.

1)   Set-Up HondaLink Assist by pairing any Bluetooth®-enabled cellphone.
2)   Begin Bluetooth® pairing by ensuring that Bluetooth® is enabled on your cellular phone and set to
3)   Press SETTINGS on the Home Menu. Then press PHONE settings.
4)   Press CONNECT PHONE. Add a Bluetooth device to begin the pairing process.
5)   Once paired, an automatic prompt to turn HondaLink Assist On/Off will be given. Select ON.

How It Works:

With HondaLink Assist ON, an airbag deployment sensor is designed to trigger the system in the event of a collision. An emergency operator will be called. You will have 10 seconds to cancel the call; after this, the system will assume you are unable to respond and will automatically contact the emergency call centre. If you are unable to respond, emergency services should automatically be dispatched.


What if my cellphone is already paired and I did not choose to enable HondaLink Assist?

If your cellphone is already paired to the vehicle, you can also manually activate HondaLink Assist by selecting HondaLink Assist in SETTINGS.