HondaLinkTM The Next Generation

Download Brochure - HondaLink™ The Next Generation – Quick Start Guide

Get started with HondaLink™ The Next Generation5,11,12,33

It’s time to unite your compatible smartphone and your Honda like never before. Once you're ready to start using HondaLink, make sure you have the following:

Compatible Smartphones

Phones that are currently compatible with the HondaLink Next Generation system include the iPhone® 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s series, as well as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Previous iPhone models and all iPad® models are not supported.

HondaLink cables

For a compatible iPhone® you will need: 

HondaLink cables

If you don't have the required cables, you can purchase them from your local electronics retailer. Only original Apple Lighting USB and Lightning AV Adapter cables are recommended.

HondaLink apps

Use your compatible iPhone to download the apps from the App Store.

How to set up and connect your compatible iPhone®

1.   Open the App Store on your compatible iPhone® and type “HondaLink” into the search box.
2.   Download the HondaLink App Launcher5,11,12,33 HondaLink Connect5,11,12,33 and HondaLink Aha™ 5,11,12,16,33 apps.
      The HondaLink Navigation app5,11,12,33,35 is also available for $84.99.*


3.   Register through any of the apps, or use an existing Honda ID (which is the same as your
      login). Access the entire suite of apps with one login.
4.   Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. To verify, open Settings on your compatible iPhone, then
      ensure Bluetooth is turned on. Remain on this screen to make your phone discoverable to the Display
      Audio unit.
5.   On the Display Audio12 screen, select the Settings icon, Bluetooth Device List, then Add Bluetooth Device.
      Please note that to use the apps, your compatible iPhone must be actively paired with the Display
      Audio System. 


6.   Connect the HDMI® and USB cables to the appropriate jacks below the Display Audio panel, then to the
      Lightning AV adapter. Next, connect the adapter to your iPhone.


7.   Start your vehicle. Once the Display Audio's home screen is displayed and the Bluetooth icon appears,
      confirming your phone is paired, touch the CONNECT icon on the Display Audio screen, then select “Allow”
      on your compatible iPhone when prompted.


Helpful hints (Only connect your smartphone when conditions allow you to do so safely.)

Smartphone cannot connect with the Display Audio System while locked

Unlock your phone before connecting.

Smartphone may disconnect from Display Audio due to notifications

Safely stop and park your vehicle, close the pop-up notification and reconnect. To minimize interruptions, you may be able to modify your pop-up notification in your smartphone's settings

For a compatible iPhone® :

To prevent notifications from interrupting your HondaLink experience, perform the following steps to configure your iPhone:

1.   Navigate to Settings, then Notification Centre.
2.   Under the bottom "Include" section, select and modify the notification setting for application(s) that created
      the pop-up alert(s). Typically, "messages", "reminders" and "calendars" are set to "Alerts" by default.
      Changing them to "Banners" will prevent these notifications from interrupting your HondaLink experience.
      Alter other applications as necessary.

Smartphone must request permission to connect with Display Audio12

To ensure authorized use, you must select “Allow” each time you connect.

*Plus applicable tax. Price is subject to change.

5 – Only compatible with certain devices and operating systems. Devices, cables and adapters are not included and must be purchased separately.

11 – Cellular data and/or voice charges may apply, including roaming charges and/or other amounts charged by your wireless carrier.

12 – Some laws prohibit the operation of electronic devices while operating a vehicle. Launch applications and perform other operations on electronic devices only when the vehicle is safely parked. Certain functionalities may be locked while vehicle is operational.

16 - All Aha™ platform feeds are audible, not visual in nature. Vehicle does not provide any feeds.

33 – Registration required. Application download may be required. Depending on use, HondaLink™ can transmit to Honda and its providers: (i) a vehicle’s location, speed and other operating conditions; and/or (ii) information that may be tied to the vehicle identification number (VIN). Such information can be combined to track a vehicle. For a full explanation of HondaLink™ functionality and Honda’s data use and privacy policy, see HandsFreeLink™ bilingual Bluetooth® wireless mobile phone interface may be required for certain services, features and/or applications. Some services, features and/or applications are dependent upon cellular data and/or voice availability and may require use of GPS for location-based content. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Subject to applicable law, Honda reserves the right to terminate HondaLink™ services, features and/or applications at any time or for any reason, and in the future may not be able to provide services, features and/or applications due to changes in technology, law or government regulation. For a full list of vehicles, devices and operating systems currently compatible with HondaLink™, please visit

35 - Where a vehicle has a built-in Honda navigation system, this service may provide only a limited number of additional features. Requires one-time download of HondaLink™ Navigation application (CAD $84.99 plus applicable taxes). Price is subject to change.